Our sound


Electronic Pancakes, pioneers of the after-punk movement! Belgium-based garage punk band that thrives on raw, unbridled energy. We are at the forefront of the after-punk movement, pushing the boundaries of the genre. With seven years of experience and a trail of raucous performances in renowned venues like Botanique, Magasin 4, Zinzinerie, we have solidified our position in this invigorating movement.

The Crew


Welcome to the realm of Electronic Pancakes, where the spirit of After Punk infuses the collision of punk ethos and electronic innovation, birthing a symphony of unbridled energy and groundbreaking sounds. Immerse yourself in the minds and talents driving this sonic revolution as we introduce you to the luminaries behind the band, each distinguished by their unique monikers.

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We appreciate your interest in connecting with Electronic Pancakes. We are always thrilled to engage with our supporters, industry professionals, and fellow musicians. If you have any inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or would like to book us for live performances, please don't hesitate to reach out.